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We are committed to providing you with the highest level of protection without paying expensive premiums. We can offer comprehensive cover from all of the major insurance companies including:

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is an insurance policy which covers the cost of private healthcare. It works in a similar way to any other insurance – you pay monthly or annual premiums, and your provider pays out for some or all of the cost of the private medical treatment you receive.

You can take out a single policy for yourself, or a joint policy to cover you and your partner. This can make things easier as you’ll only have one provider, one policy, and one point of contact to deal with.

We also arrange group PHI policies for companies,

What does Private Health Insurance cover

Private health insurance can help you pay for a number of various health related costs, the exact level of cover will depend on the policy you select:


A basic health insurance policy will usually pay for treatment and any related costs while you’re an inpatient at the hospital.


A medium health insurance policy generally covers outpatient care as well as inpatient support


A comprehensive health insurance policy includes everything above as well as cover for extra surrounding treatment, such as mental health care and physiotherapy


What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance helps give your family financial protection should you pass away within the policy term. It lets you leave a lump sum behind – helping your loved ones maintain their living standards or pay mortgage costs.

It’s up to you how much cover you want. When it comes to how long you need cover for, think about how long your kids will need financial support, or when your other half might retire.  

Do You Need Life Insurance?

Take the time to consider how much money your loved ones might need to maintain their living standards if you were to pass away. This might include costs such as bills, mortgage repayments, school fees and any other debts you might need to repay.

Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance is a form of cover which pays out a tax free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified critical or specified medical condition that your policy insures you for during the time period you select. It is important to understand the conditions you are and are not covered for and the policy you take out will state what level of payout you receive depending on the diagnosis 

During your lifetime, you are now more likely than ever to suffer from a critical illness, due to our ever changing lifestyles. 

Critical illness cover is something not to get confused with life insurance, which pays out a lump sum to your dependents when you pass away. Although both types of cover can be take under a single policy. 

Do you need Critical Illness Insurance?

If you were to suffer from a critical illness you may struggle to maintain your level of income with state benefits alone. If you’re eligible, state benefits such as Employment and Support Allowance ranges which is £74.35 if you are aged over 25 and able to go back to work or just £113.55 if you are classed as being in a support group depending on your circumstances and the seriousness of your illness or disability. 

Critical illness will cover you if you suffer from a covered medical condition and can offer financial support to help pay out for things such as mortgage payments, lost earnings, household bills or private medical treatment.

You should look at getting critical illness cover if you don’t have sufficient savings to support yourself if you become seriously ill or disabled through injury or illness or you don’t have much in terms of employee benefits to cover a longer time off work due to sickness.

Income Protection

What Is Income Protection?

If you’re unable to work due to sickness or accident, Income Protection Insurance will pay you a regular tax free income, whether you’re employed or self-employed. You can claim as many times as you need to, during the term of your policy depending on the condition even if the condition has reoccured more than once. 

These policies pay regular payment of up to 65% of your monthly earnings during the policy term, so you can be insure the majority of your outgoings whilst your wait until you are well enough to go back to work.

Income protection will pay out until you are able to return to work again. Depending on the type of policy, if you were not able to return to work again due to sickness or injury you could be paid out until your selected retirement age.


Do you need Income Protection?

If you are a sole wage earner and you do not have any significant work placed benefits then Income Protection could give you peace of mind that should you be unable to work through accident, illness or injury then you will continue to receive a monthly benefit whilst you focus on getting back to full fitness.

The money can minimise the impact that ill-health or injury can have on you and your family. It can be used to support your lifestyle and financial commitments. Meaning you don’t have to miss out on the things you and your family enjoy and enable you to maintain a good standard of living.

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